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Home Beauty Apply these homemade face packs of cream daily if you want velvet...

Apply these homemade face packs of cream daily if you want velvet fair skin

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Everyone knows how good ghee released from cream is for health and skin, but have you ever applied cream only on the face? If not, you were still unaware of the very effective way of moisturizing the skin. Rubbing not only increases the glow of the skin, but it also reduces the dryness problem. We are telling you some such cream packs that will add new life to your skin.

For glowing skin

Add two spoons of cream and two drops of almond oil to a tablespoon gram flour. Mix it well and apply thick paste on the face so that it absorbs well into the skin. Wash the pack after 15 minutes with lukewarm water so that there is no oil layer on the skin. Then apply toner and moisturizer. Apply the pack three to four times a week.

Skin cream can cause damage to kidneys, know how to select cream
Skin cream can cause damage to kidneys, know how to select the cream

For dryness,
add four to five drops of coconut oil and one teaspoon of honey to two spoons of cream. Apply this mixture on the face and wash the face after 20 minutes. Clean the face once by taking toner on cotton and then apply face cream. This pack is completely safe, so it can be applied daily.

To remove tanning
, mix one tablespoon of cream with one lemon juice, two teaspoons rose water and one teaspoon aloe vera gel. Apply this mixture on any part of the face or body tanning. After half an hour cleaning it with wet cotton. You will see a difference in the skin itself by continuous use.

This home-made moisturizer will relieve chapped skin in winter
This home-made moisturizer will relieve chapped skin in winter

For fairness,
mix three to four leaves of saffron, one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon yogurt in a tablespoon cream. Add a teaspoon of gram flour and leave the pack on the face for 20 minutes. Try this face pack twice a week.

To clean the pores
Rub in a bowl and beat it slightly. This will make it thinner. Soak cotton in it and clean the face. This method will clean the pores so that there will be no dirt and no skin problems.

For dead skin,
mix finely brown sugar and honey in two tablespoons of cream. Scrub the face thoroughly by applying this mixture and then leave it on the skin for five minutes. Wash face with warm water. Do use it once a week.

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