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Home Beauty Hair Serum has many benefits, know the right way to apply it

Hair Serum has many benefits, know the right way to apply it

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Hair serum is used to give hair a shiny and healthy look. But few people know about the right way to apply it and its benefits. Here, know-how and when to apply hair serum, as well as the benefits it gives to hair.

Hair Serum applying
Hair Serum applying

Hair length and volume

When using hair serum in hair, along with their length, one should also keep in mind how dense your hair is. Hair serum should always be applied to washed hair. Who should not apply hair serum is only applicable in dry hair. If you have oily hair then you should avoid using hair serum or else your hair may become very sticky. 

The correct way to apply is
to take 6 to 7 drops of hair serum and rub it on both palms. Now apply the serum from the roots of the hair to the end of the hair with light hands. You may repeat this method two to three times as necessary. Keep in mind that hair may also look sticky if the serum is used too much. So take care of the quantity.

How to apply hair serum
How to apply hair serum

applying PRP Treatment Hair Serum
– in this way massaging with serum in hair roots, applying the serum on the entire hair is good, hair growth is good, hair shiny and strong Are made.

-Hair serum protects the hair from the effects of sun heat and pollution.

– When choosing hair serum, keep in mind that it should be equipped with thermal protection.

Curly hair is often dry and difficult to manage. In such a situation, curly hair can be easily managed with hair serum.

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