Hair Protection in Winter

Winter Hair Care Tips: Take special care of not only skin but also hair in winter!

The winter season has arrived and your skin needs extra care in this season because the winter season is not good for the skin. Dry air during winter draws moisture from our skin, and if this is not taken care of, then dry skin causes the skin to crack and sometimes even bleed. But in winter, not only the skin but also the hair becomes dry, due to which they also need to take special care. In such a situation, we are telling you that how can you protect your hair from the side effects of this cold weather… condition the hair

The moisture of the skin along with the skin gets lost in the winter season due to which they become dry and flaky. So it is very important that you use a good deep-conditioning serum or balm on your hair. This will bring back the lost hair moisturizer. Also, do not use too much shampoo in the hair in this weather. Every time after washing the hair, apply conditioner. This will give shine to the hair and will not break hair.

using hair dryer Do not use the hairdryer to dry hair in the winter season. Dry your hair naturally, this is your advantage. If you have to use a hairdryer during an emergency, do not dry your hair too much or else the hair will be damaged, they will also become very frizzy. Set the dryer to cool mode and use it on Gentle hair.

Hair Protection
Hair Protection

Exit only after drying your
hair, do not leave the house as far as possible in winter. Always dry the hair completely and get out of the house. Doing this will not only save you from getting cold and cold but also your hair will not be dry and weak. Also, before using a heat styling tool, apply heat spray or leave-in conditioner to the hair. By doing this your hair will remain hydrated, soft and shiny.

Protect hair:

In winter, along with wearing sweaters, jackets, the hair also needs protection. So use a hat or scarf. A sudden change in weather can cause great hair loss.

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