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Kamala Box Office Collection Report, Review and Rating

Kamala is a Malayalam adventure story film written, created and directed by Ranjith Sankar. The film stars Ruhani Sharma within the persona, with Aju Varghese enjoying the male lead. It conjointly options Anoop Menon and Biju Sopanam in supporting roles. The film’s music was composed by Anand Madhusoodanan whereas Shehnad Jalal served because of the photographer.

kamala box office collection

Kamala Box Office Collection

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Kamala Cast and Crew Details

Kamala Cast and Crew details

KamalaCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of KamalaRanjith Sankar
ProducerRanjith Sankar
Release date of Kamala29 November 2019
Hero of KamalaAju Varghese
Heroine of KamalaRuhani Sharma
MusicAnand Madhusoodanan
CinematographyShehnad Jalal
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Kamala Review

“A girl’s biggest strength is that she may be a woman,” says Safar at a vital juncture of the cinema. That a girl is commonly underestimated which can be her strength is what the character implies. Written and directed by Ranjit Sankar, Kamala is that the story of the titular character of abundant air, same in

kamaml box office collection

purpose of reading of her encounter with Safar. in an exceedingly approach it holds up a mirror to general hate while not making an excitement concerning it. Why it’s going to even pass the Bechdel test! Safar, a high-end middle man dealing in automobile and realty, is on the way his biggest realty deal associate degreed Kamala drops certain an impulsive rendezvous. however, because the day returns it becomes clear that Kamala is quite she lets on and Safar is certain quite what he bargained for.

Kamala, compete dexterously by Ruhani Sharma, is that the backbone of this narrative. In spite of the recording problems that area unit natural for a non-Malayalam speaking actor, she manages to play her role quite well. however, that is the issue. Why did this role would like a non-Malayalam speaker isn’t clear.

kamaml box office collection

However, Aju Varghese, taking part in Safar, fits right in. Slowly nonetheless steady Aju is rebranding himself as associate degree actor outside his comedian persona. Although it nearly feels weird seeing Aju not crack even one joke, he manages to hold it off quite well, fitting right into this character bespoke for him. The music by Anand Madhusoodhanan aides the mystery and suspense. sensible photography and sharply written material, each add its favor too.

Also, concerning Kamala, is it a political statement, or a social science observation or one thing else? Well, Kamala scratches the surface to be all of that, however, does not get into the center of it. The story nearly keeps you at the sting with the mystery around the protagonist. however that it appears to maneuver a touch slow is what gnaws at your patience, particularly as a result of, strategically, the audience is placed at an obstacle of being empty adequate clues. Also, spoon-feeding the audience with the climax feels a touch too needless. Explaining it once is ideal, doubly is expiable, however, thrice is associate degree overkill!

Kamala has associate degree overstrung story, carried on by a balanced performance by Aju Varghese and Ruhani Sharma. So, catch it this weekend before too many of us spoil the suspense for you. Grammar Check Re-write Again Next.

kamala box office collection

kamala box office collection

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