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Madhura Raja Movie Box Office Collection Report, Review and Rating

Madhura Raja is an upcoming Indian Malayalam-language action film directed by Vysakh, written by Udaykrishna and starring Mammootty and Jai in the lead roles. Mammootty reprises his role Raja from the 2010 film Pokkiri Raja even though Madhura Raja is not a sequel.

1. Madhura Raja Movie Box Office Collection Report

Madhura RajaDayCollectionGross
Cochin Plexes15.24L5.24L
Trivandrum Ariesplex12.872.87
Single Screen13.51 L3.51 L
Alappuzha13.67 L3.67 L
Calicut Aashirvad Cineplexx11,53,1401,53,140
Nilambur Fairyland12.04 Lakh2.04 Lakh
Kannur Boxoffice13.75 L3.75 L
Idukki Single Screen15.15 L5.15 L
Kerala Carnival Cinemas114.95 L14.95 L
Cochin Plexes25.31 L5.31 L
Calicut Aashirvad Cineplex2197650197650
Trivandrum Ariesplex22.35 L2.35 L
Kannur Boxoffice23.08 L3.08 L
Nilambur Fairyland21.97 L1.97 L
Idukki Single Screen24.25 L4.25 L
Trivandrum 225.54 L25.54 L
Kollam217.59 L17.59 L
Ernakulam219.70 L19.70 L
Alappuzha Tracked Single Screen23.36 L3.36 L
UAE Boxoffice23.85 Cr3.85 Cr
GCC Boxoffice22.37 Cr2.37 Cr
Cochin Plexes35.32 L5.32 L
Bengaluru Boxoffice315.56 L15.56 L
Kannur Boxoffice33.12 L3.12 L
Nilambur Fairyland32.04 L2.04 L
Idukki Single Screen34.92 L4.92 L
Trivandrum 3 36.91 L 36.91 L
Kollam 325.54 L25.54 L
Ernakulam328.64 L28.64 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex32.33 L2.33 L
Alappuzha33.58 L3.58 L
All Kerala Carnival Cinemas314.79 L14.79 L
Bengaluru46.43 L6.43 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex42.25 L2.25 L
Nilambur Fairyland41.94 L1.94 L
Cochin Plexes44.99 L4.99 L
Trivandrum446.97 L46.97 L
Kollam432.50 L32.50 L
Ernakulam435.64 L35.64 L
Kannur Boxoffice42.99 L2.99 L
Kannur Boxoffice5 3.24 L 3.24 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex51.21 L1.21 L
Cochin Plexes54.45 L4.45 L
Trivandrum552.81 L52.81 L
Kollam 537.14 37.14
Ernakulam541.86 L41.86 L
Kannur Boxoffice62.86 L2.86 L
Cochin Plexes63.78 L3.78 L
Trivandrum657.62 L57.62 L
Kollam641.54 L41.54 L
Ernakulam647.40 L47.40 L
Carnival Cinemas610.20 L10.20 L
Bengaluru64.39 L4.39 L
Nilambur Fairyland71.40 L1.40 L
Kannur Boxoffice72.52 L2.52 L
Kannur Boxoffice82.51 L2.51 L
Cochin Plexes84.26 L4.26 L
Cochin Plexes93.81 L3.81 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex90.85 L0.85 L
Cochin Plexes104.11 L4.11 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex100.88 L0.88 L
Trivandrum1079.06 L79.06 L
Kollam1058.37 L58.37 L
Ernakulam1066.79 L66.79 L
Kannur Boxoffice111.66 L1.66 L
Kannur Boxoffice121.48 L1.48 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex120.73 L0.73 L
Cochin Plexes132.85 L2.85 L
Kannur Boxoffice141.01 L1.01 L
Cochin Plexes142.71 L2.71 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex 150.16 L0.16 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex170.26 0.26
Kannur Boxoffice171.14 L1.14 L
Cochin Plexes172.59 L2.59 L
Cochin Plexes181.50 L1.50 L
Cochin Plexes191.49 L1.49 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex20 0.15 L 0.15 L
Kannur Boxoffice200.91 L0.91 L
Cochin Plexes210.94 L0.94 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex233.4 K3.4 K
Trivandrum 231 Cr1 Cr
Kollam2377.38 L77.38 L
Ernakulam2396.25 L96.25 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex245 K5 K
Cochin Plexes241.44 L1.44 L
Kannur Boxoffice241 Lakh1 Lakh
Cochin Plexes290.34 L0.34 L
Cochin Plexes300.50 L0.50 L

2. Madhura Raja Movie Cast and Crew Details

Madhura Raja Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Madhura Raja Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Madhura Raja Vysakh
Producer Nelson Ipe
Hero of Madhura Raja Mammootty
Heroine of Madhura Raja Anusree
Release date of Madhura Raja 12 April 2019
MusicGopi Sunder
CinematographyShaji Kumar
Running time
ScriptUday Krishna
Production CompanyNelson Ipe Cinemas
Edited byMahesh Narayan
Latest News about Madhura Raja Latest News

3. Mdhura Raja Movie Review

Nine years after ‘Pokkiri raja’ Vysakh pairs up with Mammootty for Madhuraraja with Mammootty reprising his role as the titular character. Udayakrishna, the commercial-hit maker, spins this story catering to Mammootty fans waiting to see him in a larger-than-life avatar. And Madhuraraja is everything that they were waiting for.

Pambinthuruth needs their hero Madhuraraja, when liquor baron Nadesham makes their hometown island his venue of crime. Though Chinna raja (Jai) is sent to contain a skirmish in the island things spiral our of his control and Madhuraraja needs to come to save the day.

The film starts with promise. Though Mammootty, as Madhuraraja, takes a while to show up on screen, when does he does so with quite a splendor. Salim Kumar as novelist Ezhuthachan Alias Manoharan is reminiscent of the old Salim Kumar who cracked us up with his wise repartee. A Salim Kumar who had been missing for quite a while. The much touted Sunny Leone comes in as the main dancer to a song, dances quite well, and is never heard of or seen in movie ever again. Gopi Sundar’s music is vibrant, catchy and complements the narrative quite well.

In the second half the narrative explores a slightly political and social trope. Kudos to the attempt, but Udayakrishna doesn’t exactly meet the standards of political commentary an average Malayali is used to, thanks to Renji Panicker in the 90s and Murali Gopy henceforth. In short, Udayakrishna’s political commentary seems half baked and forceful. Madhuraja is a celebration of the megastar’s masochism. So, the narrative hardly gives any other character a chance to expand, let alone any female character. All the other characters, even Jai, winds up a prop.

Madhuraja is everything they promised it would be. It’s has ample over-the-top action choreographed by Peter Hein, the Megastar in a larger-than-life avatar, his slapstick comedy, and a dance-song by Sunny Leone. What it lacks in story and depth it makes up with the aforementioned. And, last but not the least, Madhuraja closes with a promise of a sequel, ‘Minister Raja’ where Madhuraja has becomes a minister of the state.

4. Madhura Raja Movie HD Photos

Madhura Raja Poster (2)
Madhura Raja Poster (2)
Mammootty Latest Movie Madhuraraja
Mammootty Latest Movie Madhuraraja
Madhuraraja Review
Madhuraraja Review
Madhuraraja Cast and Crew
Madhuraraja Cast and Crew
Madhuraraja Box Office
Madhuraraja Box Office
Madhuraraja Latest Poster
Madhuraraja Latest Poster
Madhuraraja still
Madhuraraja still
Mammootty Madhuraraja
Mammootty Madhuraraja

5. Madhura Raja Movie Official Trailer

Source:Vysakh Entertainments

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