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Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Box Office Collection Report, Review and Rating

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy is a Malayalam-language comedy film co-written and directed by Jeethu Joseph. Film produced by Gokulam Gopalan and Jeethu Joseph under the banner of Sree Gokulam Movies. The film features Kalidas Jayaram and Aparna Balamurali in lead roles

1. Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Box Office Collection Report

Mr. & Ms. RowdyDayCollectionGross
Cochin Plexes 11.65 L1.65 L
Cochin Multiplex 22.13 L 3.78 L
Cochin Plexes 31.72 L5.53 L

2. Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Cast and Crew Details

Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Mr. & Ms. RowdyCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Mr. & Ms. RowdyJeethu Joseph
Producer Gokulam Gopalan
Hero of Mr. & Ms. RowdyKalidas Jayaram
Heroine of Mr. & Ms. RowdyAparna Balamuralli
Release date of Mr. & Ms. Rowdy22 February 2019
CinematographySatheesh Kurup
Running time
ScriptLinta Jeethu
Jeethu Joseph
Production CompanySree Gokulam Movies
Edited byAyoob Khan
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3. Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Movie Review

Appu and his gang are the local goons of their village and once, during an ‘operation,’ Poornima joins their group. And then?

Survival is the biggest challenge for someone, whose life has self-designed an image for them, that doesn’t suit their basic nature. And what if this image is that of a gangster?

Mr and Ms Rowdy is the tale of a handful of ‘accidental gangsters,’ who had a lousy start in their life. Things just keep getting worse for them and one day, they meet a girl. Is she a damsel in distress? Yes and no. The comedic plot shows how their hard-knock lives reach a turning point after her entry into their world.

Expertly performed and well-executed, Mr and Ms Rowdy has all the stereotypical elements of the genre, but it is a fun film that keeps you engaged throughout its length. The cast, consisting of Kalidas Jayaram who plays Appu, Ganapathy who plays Asif, Shebin Benson and the rest are apt, to play a set of villains who have that inner conflict being ‘decent’ fellows within despite their goon images. The film strikingly remains calm and confident, though the tale isn’t any complex, convoluted story. Its outcomes are also evident but the fun is in the telling, which is done well.

Kalidas’ body language suits that of a young gang leader and his team members have also performed well as the good-hearted ‘quotation team.’ Aparna Balamurali as the bold Poornima is apt and Linta Jeethu has also done well for a first-time scribe.

The film isn’t without a few distasteful elements, the first of which is a dialogue delivered by a female character, when a well-behaved man tries to scare her away, pretending to misbehave with her. As he places his hands on her and then hesitates to harass her, she says, ‘Only true men can do such things.’ In an otherwise fine movie, this didn’t sound a very smart line to be added at this age. That too for the kind of person that she is. As compared to the pacing of the first half, the second is a bit too limp. The climax is also evidently not well thought out and came off as a bit too rushed.

Mr and Ms Rowdy can sure be a great one-time watch, for the chemistry of the lead actors and the comedy in their goofiness.

4. Mr. & Ms. Rowdy HD Posters

Mr-Ms-Rowdy review
Mr-Ms-Rowdy review
mr and mrs rowdy
mr and mrs rowdy
Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Box Office Collection Report
Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Box Office Collection Report
Mr. & Ms. Rowdy HD Posters
Mr. & Ms. Rowdy HD Posters

5. Mr. & Ms. Rowdy Official Trailer

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