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PADAYOTTAM: A heart broken Pinku (Basil Joseph) gets beaten up by a stranger out of the blue and his friends Senan (Dileesh Pothan), Sreekuttan (Saiju Kurup) and Renju (Sudhi Koppa), the self-proclaimed goons, promise that they will avenge this act. All they have is the culprit’s phone using which they figure out that the guy is from Kasargod. For further support, they reach out to Chenkal Raghu (Biju Menon), the main goon in the locality. Contrary to his image, Raghu, a chronic bachelor is an ‘Amma’ bhakthan – both Attukal Amma and his own mother. He is admired by everyone in the locality regardless of age or gender and has been approached by everyone for the smallest of help. The personal connection he has with Pinku and falling for the story narrated by Renju, Raghu agrees to join Senan and team without hesitation. A journey that starts in a car, proceeds in a bus and ends in a lorry gets funnier as the film progresses. They get support from the notorious goons across Kerala, however as soon as they reach Kasargod, they realize the trouble they have put themselves into.

Padayottam Movie Cast and Crew details ,News,Complete Details

Padayottam Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Padayottam Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of PadayottamRafeek Ibrahim,,Nithin Michael
Release date of Padayottam
14 September 2018
Hero of PadayottamBiju Menon
Ravi Singh
Heroine of PadayottamAnu Sithara
ProducerSophia Paul
MusicPrashant Pillai
CinematographySatheesh Kurup
Running time2 hrs15 Minutes
ScriptArun A.R, Ajai Rahul
Production Company
Weekend Blockbusters
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Padayottam Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection

Padayottam Box OfficeDaysNo of ShowsOccupancyCollectionGross
Majestic Theatre Narakkal
Cochin Multiplex
11445.14 % 2.26 Lakhs 2.26 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex
21566.86 %3.54 Lakhs5.80 Lakhs
Majestic Theatre Narakkal
2430.85 % 0.26 Lakh0.52 Lakh
Majestic Theatre Narakkal
3455 %
0.45 Lakh0.98 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex
315 85.67 %4.42 Lakhs10.22 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex
415 46.43 %
2.19 Lakhs12.42 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex
61450.31 %2.30 Lakhs16.83 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex
714 65.53 %2.89 Lakhs19.73 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex
81075 %2.75 Lakhs22.49 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex
91079.44 %
2.86 Lakhs25.36 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex 101084.86 %3.06 Lakhs28.42 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex 11937.61 % 1.16 Lakh29.58 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex 12932.99 %
1 Lakh30.59 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex Update :
13928.42 %0.89 Lakh31.48 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex15564.54 % 0.92 Lakh
33.26 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex166 87.23 %1.23 Lakh34.50 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex 177 86.25 % 1.76 Lakh36.26 Lakh



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