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Mandaram is an Indian Malayalam-language romance film directed by Vijesh Vijay and scripted by M. Sajas, with Asif Ali in the lead role. The film was produced by Monisha Rajeev and Tinu Thomas under the banner of Magic Mountain Cinemas.The film will have Asif Ali in five looks. The story spans 25-plus years – from the protagonist’s childhood to his life at 32. So, Asif will be seen in different appearances in each stage of the character’s life.

Mandharam Cast and Crew Details

Mandharam Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Mandharam MovieCast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of MandharamVijesh Vijay
Release date of Mandharam05 October 2018
Hero of MandharamAsif Ali
Heroine of MandharamAnarkali Marikar
ProducerMonisha Rajeev
Tinu Thomas
MusicMujeeb Majeed
CinematographyBahul Ramesh
Running time155 Minutes
ScriptVijesh Vijay
Production CompanyMagic Mountain Cinemas
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Mandaram Box Office Collection

Mandharam Box OfficeDaysNo of ShowsOccupancyCollectionGross
Cochin Multiplex11552.54 %2.29 Lakh2.29 Lakh
Bengaluru Boxoffice1---1.11 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex21539.97 %1.87 Lakh4.17 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex31448.65 %2.19 Lakh 6.36 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex41414.47 %0.56 Lakh6.92 Lakh

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Mandharan HD Wallpapers

mandharam movie poster
mandharam movie poster
Mandharam images
Mandharam images
Asif Ali in Mandharam
Asif Ali in Mandharam

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Mandharam Movie Review

 Review: Mandharam begins with the all too familiar trope – the schoolboy who spends his days dreaming about his childhood sweetheart and classmate, who, at the end of school, lets him know that she has a ‘muracherukkan’.

Rajesh (Asif Ali) decides to stay single for the rest of his life, until he comes across Charu (Varsha Bolamma) years later.

However, the relationship with Charu is not destined to be either, and Rajesh turns into a free soul, who takes on impromptu bike rides to temples in the North. The first half is predictable and basically old wine in new bottles; instead of a village, it’s an engineering college in Bengaluru where the hero and his group of friends pursue women, and the object of affection is an aspiring fashion designer who he meets in cafes. Asif Ali’s act as the confused lover boy offers nothing new in the first half, and the only interesting bit would be the comic relief provided by his group of friends played by Jacob Gregory and Arjun Ashokan, who seems to capable a carrying a film all by himself.

The various ups and downs in Rajesh and Charu’s relationship seems to make no sense at all and the heartbreak seems repetitive and tedious. The writer seems confused whether youngsters should follow their hearts or obey their parents. However, Asif Ali’s look and demeanor as the bohemian traveller in the second half is interesting, so are his relationships. The film is not boring by any means, and the contrast between the pastel colours and soft lighting during the Charu episode is in stark contrast with the more sober and darker final episodes.

Asif Ali has surely matured as an actor and has presented the various stages of life of a man convincingly. While Varsha Bolamma has nothing more to do than look pretty and cute, Anarkali Marakkar presents a memorable performance.

The film deserves applause for portraying a bike riding, drinking heroine (Anarkali Marakkar) as worthy of loving, and can be considered an exploration of aspirations vs reality when it comes to relationships. Mandaram can be quite an interesting watch for young cine goers.

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