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2.0 Movie Twist is Out…

Megastar Rajinikanth’s Latest Movie 2.0 is a Tamil action thriller movie direction by Shankar. The movie cast has Superstar Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson in the lead roles, while Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar does antagonist role. The first look of 2.0 had Chitti (Rajnikanth) and Dr. Richard (Akshay Kumar) going head to head each other and there is a subtitle in the center saying ” The world is not just for people”. This inscription can be legitimized in light of the fact that the look of Akshay’s part seems as though he is some sort of a shrewdness bird-man.
2.0 making video
2.0 making video
Detailed Story of 2.0 
The movie story begins with an old man committing suicide on the top of mobile phone tower. The scientists Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) introduce his Robot Vennila (Amy Jackson) to the Robotics students. Very soon, mobile phones in the city started flying away from the stores and from the people’s hand.
Vasigaran is called to investigate this case from government and Vasi starts to investigate the mystery behind the mobile phone fly away. Later, all missing mobile has become a giant bird and starts attacking the city, Vasigaran brings his robot Chitti. Now the ground is for Chitti versus giant bird. What is the behind the mobile phones missing? Who is the old man dies in the opening scene and what is the reason for his death? Are the rest of the story to be watched on the big screen.

2.0 Full Cast and Crew Details

2.0 (Enthiran 2) Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

2.0 Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of 2.0S. Shankar
Release date of 2.029 November 2018
Hero of 2.0Rajinikanth
Heroine of 2.0Amy Jackson
ProducerAllirajah Subaskaran
Raju Mahalingam
MusicA. R. Rahman
CinematographyNirav Shah
Running time148 Minute
ScriptS. Shankar
Production CompanyLyca Productions company
Edited ByAnthony
Distributed byTamil:
Lyca Productions
Dharma Productions
Budgetest. ₹543 crore
Latest News about 2.0Latest News

2.0 Movie First Day Box Office Collection

Joseph Box OfficeDaysCollectionGross
Kochi15 L5 L
Kerala130 L30 L
Rest of India15 L5 L
Worldwide140 L40 L
Kerala330 L60L
Rest of India33 L8 L
Worldwide333 L1.09 Cr
Kerala424 L84 L
Rest of India420 L10 L
Worldwide426 L1.35 Cr
Kerala520 L1.04 Cr
Worldwide521 L1.56 Cr
Kerala617 L1.21 Cr
Worldwide618 L1.74 Cr
Kerala714 L1.35 Cr
Worldwide715 L1.89 Cr
Kerala810 L1.45 Cr
Worldwide812 L2.01 Cr
2.0 Box OfficeDaysCollectionGross
Chennai14 Cr4 Cr
Tamil Nadu143 Cr43 Cr
Kerala18 Cr8 Cr
AP & TS115 Cr15 Cr
Karnataka110 Cr10 Cr
Hindi Version139 Cr39 Cr
USA 18 Cr8 Cr
UAE113 Cr13 Cr
Sri Lanka12 Cr2 Cr
Australia180 L80 L
Malaysia12.30 Cr2.30 Cr
France 160 L60 L
UK130 L30 L
Rest of India110 L10 L
Worldwode1232 Cr232 Cr
Chennai23 Cr7 Cr
Tamil Nadu230 Cr73 Cr
Kerala23 Cr11 Cr
AP & TS210 Cr25 Cr
Karnataka26 Cr16 Cr
Hindi Version226 Cr26 Cr
USA 24 Cr12 Cr
UAE28 Cr21 Cr
Sri Lanka21.80 Cr3.80 Cr
Australia240 L1.20 Cr
Malaysia22 Cr4.30 Cr
France 242 L1.02 Cr
UK228 L58 L
Rest of India28 L18 L
Worldwode2186 Cr414 Cr
Chennai32.10 Cr9.10 Cr
Tamil Nadu326 Cr99 Cr
Kerala33 Cr14 Cr
AP & TS38 Cr33 Cr
Karnataka33 Cr19 Cr
Hindi Version322 Cr48 Cr
USA3 3 Cr15 Cr
UAE37 Cr28 Cr
Sri Lanka31.60 Cr5.40 Cr
Australia330 L1.50 Cr
Malaysia31.70 Cr6 Cr
France 330 L1.32 Cr
UK350 L78 L
Worldwode3120 Cr534 Cr
Chennai42 Cr9.12 Cr
Tamilnadu418 Cr1.17 Cr
Kerala42 Cr16 Cr
Karnataka42.05 Cr21.05 Cr
Hindi Version419 Cr67 Cr
USA42.50 Cr17.50 Cr
UAE45 Cr33 Cr
Malaysia460 L6.60 Cr
Worldwode460 Cr594 Cr

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