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Aadhi Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection Report, Movie Real Review !!

Aadhi is an upcoming Indian Malayalam-language film written and directed by Jeethu Joseph. The film stars Pranav Mohanlal in the title role and was produced by Aashirvad Cinemas. The principal photography took place between August and November 2017 in Kochi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. Aadhi is scheduled to be released in India on 26 January 2018.

Kerala BoxofficeCollectionGross
First Day Collection 2.77 Crores 2.77 Crores
2nd Day Collection2.64 Crores 5.41 Crores
3 Days Collection2.81 Crores 8.22 Crores
7 Days Collection 13.97 Crores
12 Days Collection 16.25 Crore
24 Days Collection 22.10 Crores
28 Days Collection 22.95 crores
Worldwide Collection report
Kochi Multiplex Box Office Collection

First Day Collection 7.12 Lakhs 7.12 Lakhs
2nd Day Collection7.00 Lakhs 14.12 Lakhs
3 Days Collection7.09 Lakhs 21.21 Lakhs
4th Day Collection5.75 Lakhs 26.95 Lakhs
Day 5 Collection 5.39 Lakhs 32.34 Lakhs
Day 6 Collection 5.17 Lakhs 37.51 Lakhs
Day 7 Collection 5.09 Lakhs 42.60 Lakhs
Day 8 Collection 5.40 Lakhs 48.00 Lakhs
Day 9 Collection 6.47 Lakhs 54.47 Lakhs
Day 10 Collection 7.55 Lakhs 62.02 Lakhs
Day 15 Collection 3.72 Lakhs 80.34 Lakhs
Day 17 Collection 5.07 Lakhs 90.42 Lakhs
Day 21 Collection 1.83 Lakhs 1.01 Crore
Day 22 Collection 2.12 Lakhs 1.03 Crores
Day 23 Collection 3.26 Lakhs 1.06 Crores
Day 24 Collection 2.87 Lakhs 1.09 Crores
Day 25 Collection 1.23 Lakhs1.11 Crore
Day 28 Collection 0.88 Lakhs 1.14 Crore
Day 30 Collection 1.43 Lakhs 1.16 Crore
Day 31 Collection 1.56 Lakhs 1.17 Crore
Day 32 Collection 0.42 Lakhs 1.18 Crore
Day 33 Collection 0.56 Lakhs 1.18 Crore
Worldwide Collection report

Aadhi Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Aadhi Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Aadhi Jeethu Joseph
Release date of Aadhi Januvary 26 2018
Hero of Aadhi Pranav Mohanlal
Heroine of Aadhi Aditi Ravi
ProducerAntony Perumbavoor
MusicAnil Johnson
CinematographySatheesh Kurup
Running time159 minutes
ScriptJeethu Joseph
Production CompanyAashirvad Cinemas
Latest News about Aadhi Latest News

Aadhi Movie Review

Director Jeethu Joseph’s hero Aadhi is a carefully fit character for debutant Pranav Mohanlal. Aadhithya Mohan otherwise known as Aadhi (Pranav) is a merciful and delicate adolescent. His mom Rosy (Lena) is a dynamic lady, who stole away with Aadhi’s dad Mohan Varma (Siddique), a Hindu when she was only 18-years of age. She is one of those liberal moms, who weights her child into finding a sweetheart for himself. She even gathers up a strong tone, when Aadhi says he would favor wedding a Muslim young lady over a Christian one, to carry public concordance into the family.

Jeethu’s Aadhi speaks to the liberal society of Kerala, which is unaffected by developing society of good policing, collective and political viciousness. I was additionally expecting a say of Kerala’s most loved eating regimen, ‘parotta and meat curry’, a kind of political stand that was taken by a few Malayalam producers generally as far back as ‘hamburger governmental issues’ strengthened its position in the national talk.

Aadhi is on a clock. His dad has set a time allotment of two years to understand his fantasy of turning into a movie music executive. On the off chance that he doesn’t make it, he needs to take up a corporate activity proposed by his concerned father. Not at all like Mohan, Rosy is idealistic and the principal enthusiast of her child. At the point when Mohan runs over the edge with his paternal concerns, Rosy holds him under tight restraints. She is so steady and striking that she even drags her child to Superstar Mohanlal, who is at the eatery with his companions, to look for a possibility for her child in films. Can’t state I was astounded to see the visitor appearance of Mohanlal in his child’s introduction film.

Aadhi moves off to Bengaluru on a top of the line Rolls Royce auto as he gets a chance to perform at a club, which is a prominent home base place for movie producers and music executives. He catchs his beloved companion Anjana (Aditi Ravi) at the club. She is inspired by Aadhi’s abilities, which enrages her date. What’s more, soon things turn a turn for the more terrible as somebody pushes somebody off the working in nearness of Aadhi. Truly, Jeethu does it once more. He turns a what appeared like a vibe decent motion picture into a wrongdoing spine chiller with a sudden demise. While in Drishyam, Mohanlal’s Georgekutty thinks about the law to conceal the wrongdoing he is complicit in, Pranav’s Aadhi jumps starting with one building then onto the next stay escape from goons to demonstrate his purity.

While the pace of the film gets disappointing in parts, the execution of the performer encourages us to remain snared to the portrayal. Particularly, Anusree’s Jaya is engaging and Jeethu has completed a great job in draining this group satisfying character to get the diversion when the story gets excessively genuine. Her characterisation isn’t one of a kind. She plays a continually pestering lady, a generalization part for female performers in most of the film. Jaya’s constant bothering isn’t irritating in any way. It comes from her protection system to ward off the undesirable consideration from men. She is a sole provider of the family which has a dead father, incapacitated mother and a pickpocket sibling, Sharath (Sharafudheen).

Sharafudheen has given an energetic execution and adds to the movement of the story. What makes this film works is Jeethu’s equivalent dispersion of duties to each character to take the story forward. Indeed, even as Aadhi is a saint driven film, Jeethu has regarded Pranav’s part as simply the first among the equivalents. I was amazed at the interim succession, which closes without the saint being in the casing. The story spins around Pranav’s character, yet the film completely does not have a place with him.

Pranav’s execution in real life groupings is one of the backbones in the film. Shot in genuine areas incorporating into the packed KR Market in Bengaluru, Pranav draws commendation for his aptitudes in free running or prominently known as Parkour. Just in the last activity arrangement, Pranav gets the chance to state his first turn of phrase in the film. What’s more, Jeethu abandons us with the solidified picture of Pranav hopping off the building. Also, we leave the silver screen corridors realizing that Pranav has expected capacities to make a delicate arriving in the realm of film.

Aadhi Movie Stills

Aadhi Movie Trailer

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