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Actresses Suicides in Kollywood Film Industry!

Actresses Suicides in Kollywood Film Industry

Behind the screens, many actresses have stories of struggles filled with long working hours, male domination, greedy parents or guardians, sexual harassment and physical torments. Add to the mix things like failed romances, probably with an up-and-coming star or a married man, and the result is disastrous.

1. Jayalakshmi

old actress Jayalakshmi

old actress Jayalakshmi

Fatafut Jayalakshmi started her film venture with K. Balachander’s notable ‘Aval Oru Thodar Kathai’. She earned the epithet ‘fatafut’ as she broadly rehashes the word all through the film.

She was rising to her peak with a series of hit films alongside Superstar Rajinikanth when she consumed sleeping pills. She was hospitalised for a week before dying. Some news media reported her ‘hanging herself from the ceiling over an alleged failed romance’.

2. Shoba

Shoba, then again, was at that point a National Award-winning on-screen character when she ended her life over a love squabble with a married man.

3. Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha

Silk Smitha

Another famous actress whose suicide shook Tamil cinema was Silk Smitha. The silver screen sex bomb died alone in her house in the midst of a deteriorating career and loveless life.

4. Monal



On-screen character Simran’s sister Monal likewise ended her life at a youthful age over ‘love failure issues’.

In any case, it’s not just love, or its absence, that have made on-screen characters end their own lives.

Over the years, many actresses, both famous and invisible, have lost their lives in the tides of Tamil cinema. The pressure mounting on them as they fail – or even succeed – in the industry gets unbearable and they seek support, which sometimes comes in the form of manipulative and opportunistic men.

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