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After a long hiatus I was looking forward to it but… Navya Nair opens her mind!

Navya Nair about movie

Navya Nair is the all-time favorite heroine of Malayalees. Navya Nair made her film debut with Ishtamenna. Navya was the heroine of Dileep in the movie directed by Sibi Malayil. Navya was chosen by Manju Warrier for the film. With the release of Nandanam, the actress became a child prodigy for the family audience. In the meantime, the actor has appeared in reality shows and slide shows. Navya Nair is active on social media. All the stories you share quickly go viral. The actor shares his experiences even when he is not active in the film. Fans had asked the actor when he would be returning to the film.navya nair

Navya returned to the acting scene with the film Scene One Our Home. The star ‘s revelation about this movie is going viral on social media. One of the movie scenes I wanted to do in the script I heard after the wedding was our house. Just because it didn’t succeed doesn’t mean it showed bad intellect. It was a good movie but something did not go wrong. It was a movie that had the potential to succeed in theaters. Navya Nair says that it was a film for the common people.I and my son is safe, But my husband in Mumbai Navya Nair

The conscious decision was made as the film would appeal to family audiences. Navya said that it was a conscious decision to make such a film after marriage. The movie came to the theaters with high hopes. But it was not getting as much attention as expected. Navya Nair played the role of Manju. It was one of Thilakan’s last films. Lala was the hero of the film. The film was directed by Shyju Anthikkad. The star is coming through one after the other. The release of the film was postponed due to the lockdown.

Navya Nair in a modern dreaa; Images are viral

Navya Nair in a modern dreaa; Images are viral

The actor’s marriage came as he progressed through different roles. Navya was taking a break from the cinema after her marriage. Now Navya is coming to an end after a gap of 8 years. Scene One, Our Home was a movie that was in the news from the beginning. The actor will play the role of a boat conductor on the Ernakulam-Vipin route. The film was shot in and around Kochi. Saiju Kurup, KPAC Lalitha, Santosh Keezhatoor, and many others have lined up for the film.

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