After sharing the video of Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya, now Sonu said, hope there is no injustice to anyone


Sonu Nigam is in the news for his videos these days. He made many allegations on Bhushan Kumar through his videos on social media. His wife Divya Khosla Kumar also responded to Sonu after Bhushan was accused. After all, Sonu has shared his new video.

In this video, Sonu says, ‘I am blushing after seeing myself these days. I made some videos for my family who is on Instagram, on my YouTube channel. But these videos went viral all over the world. Thank you all for giving me such a good response ‘.

Sonu then says, ‘You guys are having a lot of fun, I am watching everyone. But having fun I hope not to enjoy it all and don’t get distracted by the important issue that there is no place where there is pressure for people and people are desperate, Boycott. Work together in any workplace ‘. 

Sonu further revealed that he is about to sing a new song for a new composer.

Let us know that earlier Sonu shared a video of Divya Khosla in which Divya is accusing him. But Sonu while sharing the video of Divya wrote, Presenting Divya Khosla Kumar. It looks like forgot to open your comments section. Let’s help them with this.

What did Divya say

In the video, Divya says, “For a few days, Sonu Nigam has been running a campaign against the GT series and Bhushan Kumar. Let me tell you that the T series has given opportunities to many new people including actors, singers, musicians, directors. I myself gave a chance to 10 new people in my film Yaariyan, in which 4 people Neha Kakkar, Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet, and Composer Arco are big stars today.

I want to ask Sonu ji that if you are a very big artist, then you have helped many people. You have never come to the T series that this newcomer has talent, you launch them. It is very easy to speak behind the camera, but how much talent have you given in the industry, whereas 97 percent of the people working in the T series were outsiders. We give a chance to everyone.

Divya further said, Sonu ji said in his video that Bhushan ji came to him and said that please save me from Abu Salem. Now I want to ask you, Sonu Nigam, why did he come to you to ask for help to escape from Abu Salem. Please check whether Sonu Nigam had a relationship with Abu Salem?