Alia Bhatt's whole family showed together, Here is the Reason
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Alia Bhatt’s whole family showed together, Here is the Reason

Actress Alia Bhatt, who has always made headlines through her films, is in the news nowadays for different reasons. He mentioned a few days ago that his sister Shaheen Bhatt has been a victim of depression for a long time.

Now in this connection, the entire Bhatt family came to an event where Alia Bhatt was accompanied by her sister Shaheen Bhatt, Pooja Bhatt, father Mahesh Bhatt and mother Soni Razdan. In the event, Shaheen Bhatt openly told how she fought depression. Not only this, Shaheen also emphasized that there are many misconceptions about depression in the society, which need to be overcome.

Alia Bhatt and Family
Alia Bhatt and Family

Remind me, a few days ago Alia Bhatt too became very emotional about her sister Shaheen Bhatt. She had a lot of trouble that despite being a sister, she could not understand Shaheen’s pain. He had said ‘I feel very sad as a sister. I might not have tried to understand them properly. But I have always believed that he is a very good person. It is true that Shaheen has never felt this way herself and perhaps I too have a problem with this.

Let me tell you, Alia Bhatt’s sister-in-law Shaheen Bhatt has written a book on depression. I have never been unhappier. In that book, she has told how she struggled with depression.  Alia also got the information after reading that book and since then she has become quite vocal about her sister’s suffering.

Alia Bhatt sister's Pooja Bhatt's Book
Alia Bhatt sister’s Pooja Bhatt’s Book

Talking about the program, the entire Bhatt family got a lot of pictures together. At one place, Alia was seen in a beautiful pantsuit, while Pooja Bhatt also looked very much in the Indo Weston look. The star of the event, Shaheen Bhatt, also looked gorgeous in a velvet blue pantsuit.

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