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Amrita Suresh keeps her word, Abhi and Sujo with Rajith Kumar, Video going viral!

Amrutha and Abhirami meet with Rajithkumar

Amrita Suresh and Abhirami Suresh got more attention when they came to compete in Bigg Boss Season 2. Bigg Boss considered the singing sisters to be a contender. The two came to the show as a surprise in the 50th episode. They both said that they only talked about having a song at the beginning and that they were talking about competing at the last minute. They also come to share post-Bigg Boss stories.

Amrutha Suresh Biography, Age, Photos, and Family

Amrutha Suresh Biography, Age, Photos, and Family

Amrita and Abhirami share their experiences through the AG Vlogs YouTube channel. They have come up with an episode with Raghu, Sujo, and Rajith KumarEarlier, Amrita and Abhirami had said that they would bring all of them in the episode. The latest episode of AG Vlogs is going viral on social media.

Raghu and Amrita first came to the side of Raghu and Sujoy. When we were at Bigg Boss, we all used to talk together. It is like seeing Raghu every day. Seeing Sujo today, I miss Sandra. Sandra is busy with filming and so on.

Abhirami Suresh Wiki

Abhirami Suresh Wiki

Rajith Kumar was among them. I missed him so much. Everyone had said that they missed Bigg Boss after the release. Rajit Kumar said that he has now inflated his muscles and did this for his new work. He also said that he was going to act in a movie.

A photo of Rajith Kumar posing with Krishnaprabha in a wedding dress was released recently. The actor later said that it was a scene during the shooting of the comedy serial Life is Beautiful. Becoming an actor for the first time. He had said that everyone should support him and that many actors were lining up for the comedy show.

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