Amy Jackson takes a DNA Test

LAST MODIFIED: October 4 2018, 12:13 IST

Have you at any point pondered where your progenitors hail from? This was one inquiry on Amy Jackson’s brain for a long time. Therefore, she as of late took a DNA family line test, the consequences of which are anticipated. As she didn’t have any acquaintance with her father’s side of the family too well, the performer chose to pick the Y chromosome test.

Amy reasons, “Whenever I travelled, people always asked me where I was from. When I replied, ‘England’, they would ask, ‘Okay, but what are your roots? You don’t look fully English!’ My family is the most important thing to me, and we’re very close, but the history of my kin is quite vague. So, I took it upon myself to try and make some sense of it. My dad’s family history is almost impossible to figure out.”

Explaining further, she tells us, “We know that my father’s grandma was Portuguese and she landed up on the Isle of Man (where she was born) in the early 1900s. She settled there and started a new life but all of us are unsure about what happened before that.”

Amy then learnt that she could find more details through the DNA ancestry test. Ask her about the whole process and she explains, “It’s quite easy. You apply online and the authorities ask you for some information. All you need to do is give them a bit of your saliva in a container and send it to them. Then, they compare it with millions of other DNA samples.