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Anjali Ameer’s glamorous photoshoot viral on internet!

Anjali Ameer's glamorous photoshoot viral on internet

Anjali Ameer is an Indian film actress who acts in Malayalam and Tamil Movies. Anjali Ameer was the first transperson woman who did a lead role in Indian cinema. Anjali Ameer was born in 1995 in Thamarassery which was 30Km from Kozhikode. She Came out from a strong Muslim background. She was originally called “Jamsheer“.

Anjali Ameer Latest Image

Anjali Ameer Latest Image

The latest photoshoot of actress Anjali Ameer has gone viral on social media. The actress is glamorous in her latest dress and modern dress. Anjali looks beautiful in a green and red combine daavani. Images were taken by Riyaz Kanthapuram. The star did the same with her makeup and hairstyle.

Anjali Ameer HD Photo

Anjali Ameer HD Photo

The actress also shared a little making video of the photo shoot via Instagram. A number of people have come forward to congratulate the actress. Earlier, the star was spotted with a different photoshoot on lockdown.

Anjali Ameer’s glamorous photoshoot

Anjali Ameer's glamorous photoshoot 1

Anjali Ameer’s glamorous photoshoot 1

Anjali Ameer's glamorous photoshoot 2

Anjali Ameer’s glamorous photoshoot 2

Anjali Ameer's glamorous photoshoot 3

Anjali Ameer’s glamorous photoshoot 3

Anjali Ameer's glamorous photoshoot 4

Anjali Ameer’s glamorous photoshoot 4

anjali ameer photoshoot anjali ameer photoshoot

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