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As soon as she heard the story of the movie, Meenakshi asked not to do the movie!


Dileep is a popular actor in Malayalam cinema. The actor, who has been a popular hero for years, has often proved in front of the audience that he can not only act but also produce. Many of the characters that the actor has done in the past are still in the minds of the audience as he has a special ability to bring all the characters he plays to the audience in the best possible way. Dileep’s films have been well received by the audience. Like Dileep, Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi is a favorite of the audience. Although she is not acting in the film, Meenakshi has a lot of fans.

Dileep and Meenakshi

Dileep and Meenakshi

Meenakshi, who is studying for MBBS, already has many fans. Meenakshi is expected to return to the cinema soon after her appearance in Tick Tock. But Dileep had revealed this in an interview. Dileep had revealed that he had never told her that she wanted to act and that he was now telling her to go ahead with her studies. Dileep had revealed that his daughter Meenakshi is also involved in the movies he is acting in. As she tells the story of the film, she will tell whether the film is good or bad. “But I often could not say that without reading the entire script,” he said. Dileep said that he had withdrawn from the film at Meenakshi’s insistence.

Meenakshi and Dileep

Meenakshi and Dileep

Dileep said that he had the opportunity to act in the Tamil version of Shankar’s Three Idiots, one of the best directors in South Indian cinema, but he turned it down at Meenakshi’s’ request. When I got the invitation to the film, Meenakshi asked me about the film and my character and when I heard that it was a character that would bring Aamir Khan and others, my daughter told me that the father should not do the film. Dileep said that he had rejected the film after Meenakshi objected to it.

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