Beyond romance: 9 on-screen couples from Tamil silver screen who gave us relationship goals !!

With Valentine’s Day around the bend, it’s a decent time to glance back at a portion of the on-screen couples in Tamil silver screen who have remained with us long after the film arrived at an end. While cherish is a well known topic in films and almost every motion picture that hits the screens has a sentiment track, it isn’t regularly that the content gives it more assurance than a couple of two part harmonies in the snow.

Movies like Alaipayuthey, OK Kanmani, and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya are well known sentiment flicks which strike a chord quickly when somebody says the class. Here, we take a gander at films which are not customary sentiments but rather have by the by gotten our attention on the grounds that there’s something other than what’s expected about the relationship and how it has been depicted.

Kabali and Kumudhavalli (Kabali)

rejanikanth and radhika

The 2016 Pa Ranjith film subverted numerous tropes that we’ve generally expected from Rajinikanth films, not at all the treatment of ladies characters. While the film opened to blended surveys, the connection between Kabali (Rajinikanth) and his better half Kumudhavalli (Radhika Apte) warmed the group of onlookers.

In spite of the fact that Kabali is informed that the lady he adores so much may have been assaulted and may have been sold into a house of ill-repute, he’s anxious to discover her. This is a checked takeoff from how assault and sex function have been seen in standard silver screen, as lost “respect” (maybe except for Mahanadhi). Further, Kumudhavalli is blunt and even requests her significant other around – which has up to this point been a strict no-no in Rajini films.

The tune Mayanadhi, which denotes their gathering is loaded with crackling science between the two on-screen characters.

Gandhi and Karmegha Kuzhali (Aandavan Kattalai)

Coordinated by M Manikandan, this delightful dark parody was about a young fellow (Vijay Sethupathi) who urgently needs to travel to another country. Tuning in to some evil exhortation, he fills in an irregular name – Karmegha Kuzhali – as ‘life partner’ in his identification. What’s more, in this way, start his travails.

Ritika Singh, who plays Karmegha Kuzhali, a snappy tongued writer, is among the few elegantly composed courageous women we’ve seen throughout the years. The improbable couple get together finished a deride court separate and the sentiment is genuine and clever in the meantime.

Jyothi and Kani (Angaadi Theru)

Vasanthabalan’s film on a major store in T Nagar’s bustling Ranganathan Street and the misuse that the laborers there are subjected to, made for an awful watch. Jyothi (Mahesh) and Kani (Anjali), as a youthful couple who work in the shop together, and confront the abuse inside made for a paramount on-screen matching.

The melody Aval appadi onrum azhagillai, which underscores love between standard individuals, stays one of Na Muthukumar’s best lines.

John and Regina (Raja Rani)

Atlee’s presentation film has likenesses to Mani Ratnam’s Mouna Ragam and the Kannada film Milana yet it was all things considered reviving to see a cutting edge youthful couple manage their past connections inside a marriage in a Tamil film.

John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara) get hitched against their desires. Both of them manhandle each other and carry on frightfully until the point when later when they come to see each other’s past. There haven’t been an excessive number of Tamil movies which have taken a gander at proceeding onward and relinquishing old love, so it was fascinating to watch this preface unfurl on screen.

Selvam and Agal (Thiruttu Payale 2)

Thiruttu Payale 2

This Susi Ganeshan film was about a lady (Amala Paul) who is caught by a sick person (Prasanna) on Facebook who figures out how to secure her bare recordings. Bobby Simha plays her better half, Selvam, who additionally happens to be a cop.

The spouse wife relationship in the film was fascinating on the grounds that Selvam doesn’t go down the typical casualty accusing course or discuss his significant other’s ‘respect’. He stays concentrated on getting her out of the circumstance and plans an upbeat future with her.

Paandi and Poonthendral (Pa Paandi)

This Dhanush directorial was an uncommon story of a trick ace who goes looking for his former sweetheart. Played by Raj Kiran and Revathy, the matured combine shared an excellent science on screen.

Elderly individuals are generally appeared as “giving up” and scarcely pondering themselves, yet Paandi and Poonthendral hope to revive their old sentiment and cut out another life for themselves. The relationship had its offer of feelings yet stayed light and enjoyable to watch.

Aishwarya and Murugan (Kaadhal)

This film by Balaji Shaktivel is in reality about adoration, as the title recommends, yet it isn’t the candyfloss sentiment that we can observe cheerfully while crunching popcorn. Diving into the dull subject of ‘respect’ killings, the film was about a youthful between station couple Murugan (Bharath) and Aishwarya (Sandhya) who resist society to run off.

In view of a genuine biography, the film doesn’t stop with the elopement yet in addition demonstrates their battle to remain together and survive. The film closes with Aishwarya and her better half dealing with Murugan, who has lost his mind on account of the torment Aishwarya’s family had subjected him to. A difficult to watch film, Kaadhal portrayed an unpleasant reality that we don’t see regularly on screen without recoiling.

Anbuchelvan and Maya (Kaaka Kaaka)

Kaaka Kaaka

Gautham Menon has since endeavored to rehash the science between this present film’s combine in consequent cop films yet they’ve never satisfied what Suriya and Jyothika could do together.

Suriya‘s downplayed execution as Anbuchelvan, an upright cop who is awkward within the sight of a lady he’s pulled in to, is among his best to date. Jyothika, who was known for her “bubbly” parts, played Maya, an instructor who communicates her sentiments uninhibitedly to the cop. Despite the fact that their sentiment is fleeting, it was among the reasons why the film went ahead to end up noticeably a major hit.

Kathiravan and Yazhini (Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum)

An official redo of My Dear Desperado, this Tamil film by Nalan Kumarasamy was about a hooligan called Kathiravan (Vijay Sethupathi) and his neighbor Yazhini (Madonna Sebastian).

The couple, who begin off in an undesirable manner, wind up loving each other through a progression of occasions. From getting alcoholic together to battling and communicating their emotions to each other, the film had numerous successions that made it a pleasant adjustment.

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