De De Pyaar De :Censor Board replaced bottle of liquor with flower bouquet

Now on the target of the scanner of the censor Board of Film Certification ie Sensor Board, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and Rakul Preet Singh’s movie De De Pyaar De There is only one day left to release the film and the censor board has changed some scenes of the film. The censor board replaced the bottle of an alcohol used in the film with flowers vase. Now in the film, flowers will be seen in the bouquet of liquor instead of the bottle of wine.

Indeed, the censor board did not feel good to show a woman drinking alcohol on screen, so the censor board made this change before the film’s release. Tell us that Rakul Preet Singh was seen dancing with the bottle of a whiskey in the movie ‘Waddi Shaban’, but the censor board did not like it and the board scissors went on the scene. Before giving the U / A certification to the film, the board has suggested to keep the bouquet of flowers instead of the wine bottle.


censor board also suggested to change not only the wine bottle but also other seasons. It has also been decided to remove some dialogues. The board has been asked to remove the dialog ‘The performance is better’ used in the film and ‘Manju ji’s potato oh oh … it is good that all this is a lie’ dialogue.


De De Pyar De

‘De De Pyar De’ is the story of the love of a middle-aged man and the daughter of his daughter, in which the boy has been advocated not to love seeing age. Along with Ajay in the film, Rakul Prit Singh and Tabu are playing a key role in Javed Jafri and Alok Nath too. In the film, Tabu has played the role of Ajay’s ex-wife, who also has two children. The film is going to be released on Friday. The film has been directed by Akeeeeee Ali, while Bhavishankar has produced the film along with Prem Ranancha, who has a love for Pankhna.

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