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CBFC thinks indicating smoking or drinking implies a movie can’t fit the bill for U: Chef executive Raja Menon

A day after reports developed that Chef has been given a UA endorsement on the grounds that the lead character is a divorced person and smokes onscreen, executive Raja Krishna Menon has said individuals at the Central Board of Film Certification accept if a film demonstrates smoking or drinking, it naturally can’t fit the bill for a U authentication.

Raja disclosed to Hindustan Times, “They (CBFC individuals) felt the subject wasn’t one that could be processed by kids underneath 12 unsupervised and obviously smoking or drinking if appeared in a film naturally implies it can’t meet all requirements for a U,” thus the Saif Ali Khan-starrer film got a UA rather than U endorsement.

Regularly, if a movie producer or maker isn’t content with the confirmation gave to his film, he can approach the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT). Be that as it may, Raja said he doesn’t plan to challenge the accreditation. “No we don’t plan to do as such on the grounds that it (affirmation) doesn’t influence our show system,” he said.

While much expectation was stuck on the difference in administration when Prasoon Joshi supplanted Pahlaj Nihalani, the CBFC keeps on sending stunners like this one over the business. Inquired as to whether it implies the difference in CBFC head hasn’t brought quite a bit of a change for the procedure, Raja said he would like to hold up before passing the judgment. “This isn’t a film that tests if the cbfc has changed or not. We’d need to sit tight to something that is more on the edge to check whether they are taking a gander at films in an unexpected way,” he said.

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