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Charmila reveals that Nayanthara was calling me when she started acting and Nayanthara got her chance in Tamil


Actress Charmila tells the story of a rare friendship with Nayantara. According to Charmila, she was the reason for her rise to prominence in the early days of Nayantara’s film career.Charmila reveals that Nayanthara was calling me when she started acting and Nayanthara got her chance in Tamil.Journalist Shijeesh U.K. Charmila’s shared memories of the past with the social media.

Charmila called in the morning. They revealed without introduction. Last night my house owner Corona caught and died. House owner knows Charmilla. His stay was at the top of their house. It was a great love for Charmila and her son. Charmila said that after the Kovid came out, the house was only for people to buy once a month.

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As we walk up to the shop, we find at least five deaths. The city of Madras is not afraid of Devendra. Charmilla laughed. They are on the verge of default by default.

In Tamilnadu, now it seems like a grandmother who forgot to listen to movies, serials and shootings. Everything purchased in early June is gone. Shakeela’s call came at a time when tomorrow was about to end. I’ve put two thousand rupees into your account. It’s all in my hands. It doesn’t matter. I have no children here to cry hungry. Charmila said those two thousand are worth two lakhs.

Charmila says Shakeela has helped before. When she was out in the field, Charmila was offered the female lead in the 2002 film Jagathy Jagadish In Town. Shakeela was the super heroine of the time. Thirty or forty films a year are released. While Jagathy was acting in Jagdish, Charmila’s father had a stroke.


It was Shakeela who blocked Charmila who was about to cancel the shooting. If you get halfway through the film, you won’t get another movie here. Your father is my father too. I’ll take a look at my father. Shakeela told Charmila that you should act in peace. Shakeela accompanied his father to the hospital for discharge.

Shakeela lost a lot of pictures and millions for me. Her status today is miserable, too; Charmila groaned.

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