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Cheeru said that, The baby will be a boy, Says Dhruv!

Dhruv Sarja about Chiranjeevi

Dhruv Sarja said that his brother had told him that he was going to give birth to a baby boy. Dhruv made the revelation while sharing the joy of having a baby with Meghna Raj and Chiranjeevi Sarja, who passed away prematurely.’Cheeru was getting ready to be a father. If you have a son, he will be your character. I jockley said. Because during school days, teachers only had time to complain about Chettan’s misdeeds.

Meghna Raj Delivery

Meghna Raj Delivery

With this in mind, I asked about the baby. Cheeru replied that he would give birth to a boy and that he would do the same .’- Dhruv says.’We are all happy with the birth of the baby. Meghan and the baby are fine. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. It was an indescribable experience, “said Dhruv.

Meghna Raj blessed with a baby boy

Meghna Raj blessed with a baby boy

Cheeru and Dhruv, who lived like friends rather than brothers, were the most beloved star brothers to the fans. Dhruv and Sarja’s family are with Meghna Raj with full support after Cheeru’s separation. The Sarja family held Meghna’s baby shower ceremonies as a big celebration. The silver cradle that Dhruv had prepared for the baby was also in the news.

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