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Chitralahari Movie Review

Chitralahari is the name of a restaurant and the story revolves around the restaurant and is based on the father-son bonding.

Chitralahari is another misfire from Sai Tej. The movie has a better first half in comparison but overall it’s a below average fare. No emotional connect in love track, weak comedy and a familiar loser story are the major drawbacks. Visit back for our frank review soon. – Vijay (Sai Tej) intentionality runs into an accident to prove his device ‘Accident Alert System’ would save him. A suicide attempt case gets filed on him. After some arguments in the court, judge thinks he did no mistake and releases him. The movie comes to an end here. – Vijay (Sai Tej) gets another rejection for his startup idea. He started to lose the hope he always had. – Vennela Kishore is trying hard to bring some laughter. – Chitralahari second half started. Nivetha Pethuraj is trying to help Vijay (Sai Tej) to find an investor for his startup idea Accident Alert System.

Chitralahari first half is good in parts. Sai Tej’s beard makeover added some freshness. Overall, the first half of the movie is strictly average with some routine comedy and runs on the lines of a familiar love track and a loser story. The second half is key. – Lahari breaks up with Vijay after seeing him working in a Tv service center. Interval. – Brahmaji, head of a corporate tries to steal Vijay’s innovative startup idea but he refuses the proposal. Vijay wants to prove himself without selling his idea. – Differences in Vijay’s love life and the bad luck continues to haunt him with everything he is doing. – Posani’s son Vijay (Sai Tej) is a loser in life. But, interestingly he has some good and innovative ideas but not getting successful. He is in love with Lahari (Kalyani Priyadarshan). – Chitralahari show started with a court scene. Vijay (Sai Dharam Tej) slips into his flashback before the judge announces the judgement.

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