Deepika Padukone praises Shaheen's sister Aliya Bhatt
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Deepika Padukone praises Shaheen’s sister Aliya Bhatt

Deepika Padukone is not only close to Alia Bhatt but she also likes his sister Shahin Bhatt. How Shahin fought the depression from a young age and talked openly about it, his Deepika has praised many times. This time too the actress did the same on social media.

Deepika has retweeted her Twitter account on her Twitter account, in which she appreciated Shahin’s recent interview. Deepika wrote with it, “… I agree with your point of potato. His honesty and insight amazed me a lot. You both love. ‘

Say, Shahin Bhatt has written a book about his fight with depression, in which he has opened many secrets related to his life. People were surprised at that time that Bhatt had not only thought about the suicide of his family but also tried to do so.

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