Deepika Padukone shares childhood photo, sister reveals her funny hair cut!
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Deepika Padukone shares childhood photo, sister reveals her funny hair cut!

Amid the lockdown, Deepika Padukone is constantly sharing something on social media. Now Deepika’s childhood photo has surfaced. In the photo, Deepika is seen eating on the floor with sister Anisha Padukone. Deepika wrote in the caption, Basic. However, Deepika’s sister Anisa has opened a secret of Deepika in the comment on this photo, which hardly anyone knows.

deepika padukone
Deepika Padukone

Aneesha wrote in the caption, ‘bowl is rocking in the cut’. Let me tell you that the style of haircuts of round and same length from all four sides was called bowl cut at that time. Most of the children did not like this hairstyle, but some liked this style. This photo of Deepika is being fiercely liked and shared.

Deepika Padukone's Instagram Post
Deepika Padukone’s Instagram Post

Let us know that recently, Deepika Padukone gave an interview to the film Companion and said that while cleaning the house, she has suffered a back injury, after which she is on bed rest. Meanwhile, Ranveer Singh is leaving no stone unturned to take care of them. Deepika Padukone said that she has a back injury while working. Both mother and Ranveer keep advising me to do less work. Many times, I also complain in the family group that I keep doing some work and do not rest.

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