Dileep offered Pulsar Suni 1.5 crores to strike on-screen character: SIT test !

LAST MODIFIED: November 23 2017, 12:58 IST

The Special Investigation Team(SIT) testing the Kerala performing artist strike case has presented a nitty gritty chargesheet against Malayalam on-screen character Dileep, who has been blamed for being a piece of the snatching of a ladies co-star in February, media reports said.

The chargesheet likewise incorporated the performer’s previous spouse, Manju Warrier as a witness and 12 others professedly blamed for the situation.

As per the chargesheet, Dileep alongside Pulsar Soni were the prime blamed for the attack and would additionally confront gangrape and trick charges, reports expressed.

In February, the Kerala on-screen character was held hostage in an auto for around two hours alongside four other men and the previous driver who supposedly had various contacts with individuals in South India’s film industry.

As indicated by reports, Dileep had guided the men to make a video of the ambush and snap photos of the performing artist on their cellphones. Reports said that the thought process behind the occurrence was to take “exact retribution” from the performer for breaking his marriage with ex Warrier.

The on-screen character had professedly offered a payment of Rs. 1.5 crore to the blamed Pulsar Suni to complete the assault. The plan to kidnap the performing artist had begun in 2013 and was done four years after the fact after fizzled endeavors, media reports said.