Dileep with tears in the success of Ramaleela , “Daughter Meenakshi”to watch the film!!

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The same is true of the character played by Ramaleela . . Dileep was crying in front of the filmmakers, who had seen the news that Dileep was going through intense living conditions

After the first show, the film was sure to be super hit. After seeing the long line of women’s second show, film director Arun Gopi and producer Tomichan Mulakupadam Production Controller Noble Jacob helped build confidence.
Soon after, they all went to Sub Jail and saw Dileep …

Dileep was like a small child in the movie. Dileep shared a song thanks to the audience that his audience did not give up.

Ramaleela  Audience Reaction, Theatre Response

Family members like Dileep’s daughter Meenakshi and wife Kavya Madhavan will be seen in theaters in the coming days

Ramaleela is a movie that was eager for Kerala
Dileep’s call to boycott the film should be proclaimed as the actress was arrested … The visual media has repeatedly tried to hold the debate over the issues and try to make the difference in people
Ramaleela winning goes through all these bumps.

More theaters have come in demanding movies now ….