Dulquer was supposed to be the hero in movie premam !! What happened then? Alphonse Puthran Reveale !!


Nivin, who made a passion for cinema, was successful in the field. Nivin’s career break was the movie Premam. But the director of the film, Alphonse Putharen, goes viral when it comes to Dulquer Salmaan. Premamis a movie that has changed the direction of actor Nivin Pauly and Malayalam film. Alphonse Putharen’s second film. Premamis five years old today. In fact, there has never been another movie in this era that has made its mark in theaters like Premam.

The film was a big hit outside Kerala and was remade into many languages. Nivin Pauly’s super stardom started with Premam. The son of Alphonse, who has just completed five years in the industry, has revealed his Premam stories. Director Alphonse Putharen has revealed that it was not Nivin who was supposed to be in Premam. In an interview with Bharadwaj Rangan on behalf of the film company, Alphonse said this.

He and his producer Anwar Rasheed decided to cast Dulquer. “But my relationship with Nivin would have been a hero.”Alphonse Putharen says this is why the character Malar Miss became such a huge hit. According to the director, the highlight of the piece was the teachers of Vinay Fort and Soub. They are the builders for the Malar Miss. Alphonse says that if they were absent, the part would not be interesting. Prem is one of the films which has given rise to a lot of Malayalam cinema itself. Alphonse Putharen, the hero of the film, has cut the box office collections of the day.