Gautami on her allegations against Kamal Haasan: I’ve proof !!

LAST MODIFIED: February 27 2018, 14:21 IST

Performing artist Gautami on Tuesday posted another blog, a follow up to the one she composed on Saturday in which she had lashed out at her previous live-in accomplice Kamal Haasan. In the most recent blog, she has tended to the blowback she got for considering Kamal completely in charge of pushing her to end the association with him.

In the blog titled ‘Confirmation and Judgments’, Gautami has said she was “shocked and exasperates by the brutal and judgemental responses from individuals who know no insights about the circumstance.”

“My purposes behind my choice to leave were a few and they are sufficiently solid to be irreversible. As a single parent, who is battling to begin life again and assemble a safe future all alone, I have to focus my energies on positive and helpful issues. There is such a great amount in this life that is great, fair and blissful and I look towards that. There are great and merciful individuals in this world and I search for those individuals to be a major part of my life,” she composed.

In Saturday’s blog, she had claimed that she is yet to get her compensation for the administrations rendered as the ensemble fashioner for the movies delivered by Kamal’s generation organization Raajkamal Films International, (RKFI). “Furthermore, this was my essential wellspring of pay as my working both before and behind the camera in other’s ventures was effectively disheartened. What’s more, it laments me enormously to need to state that as of October 2016, I had pay contribution pending ideal from prior movies like Dasavataram, Vishwaroopam, and so forth,” Gautami charged.

The performer additionally elucidated that no third individual had a part in completion her 13-year involved acquaintance with Vishwaroopam on-screen character. “Both Shruti and Akshara are superb young women who I knew as youngsters and I keep on looking upon them thusly till today. Neither of them have any obligation regarding the breakdown of the relationship. That lays altogether on Mr. Haasan’s adjustment in responsibility and my failure to acknowledge that trade off and wreck my sense of pride.”

In ‘Verification and Judgments’, Gautami asserted she has reasons and confirmations to back every one of her comments that she made against Kamal. “… And to those individuals who rushed to judge me – you have known me for a long time and I have never been one to toss my words around. When I say something in regards to anybody, I don’t talk without reason. What’s more, I don’t talk without verification,” she said.

On November 1, 2016, two days before Kamal Haasan’s 62nd birthday, Gautami in a blog entry reported that they both went separate ways. Furthermore, Kamal has kept up hush on the separation since.