Geethanjali go to make her debut as a female lead in Gini Helida Kathe….

Geethanjali is good to go to make her debut as a female lead in Gini Helida Kathe inverse Dev Rangabhumi. The movie, directed by Nagaraja Uppunda has a stunning story about how Geethanjali was settled for the role of the female lead.

Geethanjali was chosen for the film because of her wavy hair. The story of the film requested a champion with wavy hair. Dev, who has composed story, screenplay and exchanges of the film led a tryout to locate the female lead. Out of a few young ladies who tried out, the producers chose to  Geethanjali as they felt she was adept for the film.

Her wavy hair and looks were ideal for the young lady adjacent character that the film requested, state the creators. Geethanjali assumes the job of an instructor in the film, who is charmed by a driver. As per Dev, Geethanjali has worked to perfection in the film and she was ideal for the film.

This is Geethanjali’s debut film in Sandalwood. According to sources close to the film, she is here for a bigger run as her acting skills have impressed many who have seen rushes of the film.