I am deeply saddened that I have done five films to glorify the police force, Hari with an angry response


The protests in Tamil Nadu are intensifying in the wake of the death of Thoothukudi residents Jayaraj and Fenix ​​in police custody. Many from the film industry criticized the police and the government. Director Hari says he feels guilty for taking films that glorify the police. Hari is the director of the Singam series and Vikram’s Sammy who have donned the role of Surya Police.


“The work of some of the policemen is tarnishing the police force today. I am in a lot of pain today as I have done five steps to glorify the police force. ” Hari says in the statement. “There is no such thing as a terrible and cruel incident in the state of Tamil Nadu. The only way to prevent such incidents is to ensure that those involved get the highest possible punishment, ”Hari added.