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I don’t know, how the phone call with the producer’s wife was leaked, and who knows the reason behind it; Bala with revelation !!

Bala's revelation

The audio of a phone call with the wife of a leading Malayalam film producer has been leaked. The soundtrack of a conversation that took place a year and a half ago was leaked yesterday. The phone call, where the personal issues of the two are being discussed, has also been exposed in the film industry. Bala says this through a selfie video she shared on Facebook.

Bala’s words… ‘There have been some controversies since yesterday. I have been getting phone calls since this morning. My divorce was four months ago. I am the kind of person who wants everyone to go well. This is unnecessary controversy. There will be call recordings for self-defense when a case is made. For the good of all. It is unknown why the recording of the call, which took place over a year and a half ago, has now come out. It is hurtful. Not only that, but no one directly threatened me. I have spoken to many of my VIP friends. I could have filed a police complaint if I wanted. But that’s not my style. The goal is to get better in the film. I know who’s behind it.



‘I am acting in a new movie directed by my brother Siva with Rajinikanth in the lead. Mammootty is an actor I love and admire a lot. I am also with him in the movie Bilal. The shooting is about to begin. As part of that, body building training is underway. In addition, good things are happening in 2020. I am not interested in controversies, ”Bala said.
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