I Planned to quit movie : Anushka Shetty. Fans are disappointed….

LAST MODIFIED: October 6 2018, 15:01 IST

Anushka Shetty is one of the most sought after actresses of the movie, Bahubali. The number of audience in the movie is the favorite of the audience. The star is known as the lady superstar of Telugu movies. Anushka came back after a short break after Bahubali’s super-dapper success. It’s also a part of the heroine film. The film was a huge success.

But Anushka was not seen in BigScreen after her commitment. Anushka is an actress who has been portraying the best of her films. But the sudden impulsion of the star is debate among fans. Anushka’s fake debate on social media and gossip columns has been discussed.

Anushka is a lady who won the lady superstar in Telugu. 37-year-old Anushka is not in the movies. The news about this is reported by a Tollywood media. In the Telugu cinema the young heroes are settled. Anushka’s age affects cinema So no one can see the actress as heroine. ll the romantic films are super duper hit. The actress chooses her part in the films. These are all the hammers. This is Anushka. Such films are not ready for Telugu. However, the actress says that she will act as a minor actress. Even though the pictures do not come to the actress.

The young actresses are the heroines of the superstars in Telugu and Tamil. The current trends are younger actors. No one is more obsessed with the actress’s acting. Anushka was also shocked by this.

Anushka has not signed a new film after the success of ‘Bahubali’ and ‘Bhartathi’. Anushka is not only in Tollywood but also in Telugu. Anushka has been disappointed in her lack of aesthetic and actresses.

Meanwhile, Anushka’s wedding ceremony is being discussed at this point. The news is that the actress’s marriage will take place this year and that is why it leaves the film. His parents had told him about the marriage of Anushka. They said marriage proposal was going on in nature and this year’s marriage would happen.