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I played the villain role in my daughter’s love!

Sujatha about Shwetha's love story

Sujatha Mohan is the most popular singer from Malayalam. After her mother, Sujatha’s daughter Shweta is also a great singer. Shwetha and her husband Ashwin gave birth to a baby girl in December 2017. The baby’s name is Shrestha.  Sujatha and her daughter Shweta are now happy to spend more time with the baby at the lockdown. They live with their family in a house in Chennai. Now Sujatha is open about her daughter’s love.



It was a romantic marriage between Shweta and Ashwin. Ashwin used to come to the house from time to time. Mohanettan and I liked him a lot that day. We have always loved boys and Ashwin is very chubby. When he first told me about his love for Shweta Ashwin, at first I thought he was in America. The first thing that came to my mind was that if they get married and Swetha goes to America with Ashwin, we will be alone here.



I decided to convince her by saying things peacefully. I convinced her of the good and bad things that would happen after marriage and gave her time to make an appropriate decision. Despite all this, I did not feel like separating them from Ashwin’s character. My BP was also high that week. Mohan also liked Ashwin terribly. We already knew Ashwin’s family very well. The only obstacle for us to agree was that Shweta would go to America after marriage. In the end, we agreed to their wishes.

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