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I will not act in such advertisements no matter how many crores I pay!

Remya Nambeesan about her condition

Remya Nambeesan was a star who came to Malayalam cinema as a country girl. Remya made her debut as a child actress in the film Sayahnam and later proved her mettle in Malayalam as a co-star and later as a heroine. The actress, who arrived as a country girl, soon became a modern girl. The star’s quick makeover surprised the Malayalee fans a lot. Apart from Malayalam, he has also acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films.

Remya Nambeesan

Remya Nambeesan

The actress now appears in front of fans with occasional beautiful photoshoots. A photoshoot done by Remya the other day was widely noticed on social media. Remya is now open about her stance on the film industry.

Remya Nambeesan starts direction

Before coming to the movies, I have to say no to what my father and mother used to say. I grew up hearing that. So, whether in film or in life, I will continue to do so. If I don’t have a movie to do I have a degree I studied. All I have to live on is get a job with that degree. Many will be resentful when we respond. It does not affect us at all. Remya said that if I do not get any opportunities in my attitudes tomorrow, I will definitely look for the job I studied at De Grivach‌ and I will not hesitate to do so. Remya added that no matter how many crores are offered, she will never act in an advertisement for Fairness Creams and it will never be permanent and will cause people to lose faith in us.

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