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If anyone make fun of your body, do this in response to them, Actress Kaniha

Kaniha instagram story

Actress Kaniha Subramaniam shares her response to body shaming. The actress said this in a post about her body beauty and self-confidence. Kaniha’s Instagram post with an old photo of herself. ‘This is an old picture of mine. I was wondering how thin I was, how tight my belly was, and how beautiful my hair was.

Kaniha Images

Kaniha Images

I felt a sense of identity, why am I thinking like this. Whether I am not happy with my current beauty. Never. I love myself more today. Every scar and mark on my body has a beautiful story to tell.

The most important thing is to love your body yourself, please stop comparing yourself to others. We all have different stories. Stop thinking I’m small. Start liking your body. If someone makes fun of your body, show them your middle finger and walk away – about Kaniha.



The full version of Kaniha’s Instagram post

Ha… Of course, this is an old photo of me. Like many of you, I was going through a few of my old pictures, I just sat there thinking about how short I was, how flat my belly was, and how beautiful my hair was.

I suddenly remembered why I was thinking like this ..! Am I unhappy with what I see now? Never. I love myself today more than ever. Every spot on my body has some beautiful stories to tell. If everything is perfect then why the problem ?.

It is very important to learn to accept and love our body. Stop comparing yourself with others. We all have different stories .. Stop feeling less .. Start loving your body. Raise your middle finger and walk away from those who make fun of your body.

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