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I’m not too lazy to miss the chance to go to Bigg Boss!

Renju Ranjimar instagram post

Ranju Ranjimar has denied reports that she is coming to Bigg Boss. Ranju said that she was going through some beautiful moments in his life and that she was not in a position to give it up for Bigg Boss. The news in the online news is untrue. I do not participate in Bigboss, it’s a very busy time.

Renju Renjimar

Renju Renjimar

Ranju Ranjith Kumar is a renowned celebrity makeup artist who has been able to achieve success in his career through hard work. Renju Kumar is a person who has faced many insults and setbacks but it was up to them to move forward despite it. Ranju is one of the most popular celebrity makeup artists in Malayalam cinema today. Ranju is getting more attention by dressing them up for the wedding of leading heroines. Ranju Ranjimar has reacted to the news that he is also coming to compete in Bigg Boss now.

Ranju Ranjimar Images

Ranju Ranjimar Images

The news that the third season of Bigg Boss reality show is coming yesterday. Fans have been waiting for season three ever since. With this, discussions on who will be the contestants in the third part started on social media. Celebrity makeup artist Ranju Ranji’s name came up along with a few other names. With that, the news of Ranju joining the boss spread quickly.

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