Is this actress Kanaka? they wondered, What sort of effigy; Finally Mukesh says it open

LAST MODIFIED: October 6 2018, 16:05 IST

Actor Mukesh, who acted in the movie ‘Godfather’, had introduced Kanaka to Siddique Lal. But when Siddique Lal team first seen Kanaka, the heroine of her new movie, she says, is really a monster.

Mukesh shares the role of Siddique Lal, who has been in the middle of a long period of time, and has been seen in a special coat.

The 1991 film, Godfather, became an all-time bigger film which saw Malayalam cinema. Another historic achievement was that Godfather continued to perform in 405 days at a theater in Thiruvananthapuram. 

Actor Mukesh, Thilakan, Innocent Bheem Raghu Siddiq, has played the lead role in the movie which has acted in the role of Nadagacharyan NN Pillai Anjanur. She also gained popularity as the actress Anitaara Achamma of Philomina.