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It took a lot of effort to make the body like this!

Raai-Laxmi- new-makover-photo

Rai Laxmi alias Lakshmirai was once a Malayalam superheroine. One of the rare actresses who is the heroine of all the heroes in Malayalam. But in the meanwhile, the controversy and love affair backfired. The actor had recently spoken openly about it. Fans were shocked to hear Lakshmi’s outspokenness. But now Lakshmi has come up with a makeover that will surprise anyone.

Raai Laxmi

Raai Laxmi

Actors often do makeovers for movies or not. Most of it has also garnered audience attention. Now it is Rai Laxmi’s pictures that have amazed the fans. The actress herself shared her latest picture with her fans on Twitter. The actress looks slimmer in a blue bikini. Laxmi also spoke about the changes that Makeover has made with the film. The actor said that he feels like he has become a new person and that he has worked hard to make such a change and now he is starting to feel a freshness.

Raai Laxmi HD photo

Raai Laxmi HD photo

Laxmi is active in South Indian films and has many fans. Whether in acting or in personal life, the actor has a clear vision and stance and speaks his mind without hesitation. Apart from Malayalam, the actor has also acted in Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada films. Lakshmi adds in her latest makeover film that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself in your own strength. Fans are asking the star if this makeover is a preparation for the new movie. Many people came to congratulate the star following his new film.

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