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It was a conscious decision after marriage!

Navya Nair about Scene onnu nammudeveedu

Navya Nair made her film debut with the movie Ishttam. From the beginning, the star was supported by the fans. The actor got a lot of different characters. Navya Nair took a break from cinema with her marriage. Though he has been making a comeback through reality shows, fans are still waiting for his return to cinema. Although she moved to Mumbai for marriage, the actress occasionally visits Kerala. Many posts shared by an active star on social media get attention by the minute. The actor has come to share his experiences even when she took a break from acting.navya nair

Scene Onnu Nammudeveedu where Navya came back after marriage. What Navya said about this film is now gaining attention on social media. Scene Onnu Nammudeveedu was a movie I wanted to do a lot in the story I heard after the wedding. She came to the cinema after marriage and was also in the film. But I do not know why, but the film did not do well in theaters. I still do not understand why it did not succeed.I and my son is safe, But my husband in Mumbai Navya Nair

Navya said that it was a conscious decision to make such a film after marriage. The movie came to the theaters with high hopes. Unfortunately, the film did not do well. But I still don’t think acting in that movie was stupid. Navya said.

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