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Ittimaani Worldwide Gross 16 Days

Ittimaani Worldwide Gross

Ittimaani is a Malayalam comedy film written and directed by the duo Jibi-Joju in their directorial debut. Produced by Antony Perumbavoor through the company Aashirvad Cinemas, the film stars Mohanlal in the title role, and Honey Rose, Raadhika, Aju Varghese, Dharmajan Bolgatty, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Salim Kumar, and Siddique in supporting roles. The ensemble group 4 Musics and Kailas Menon composed the music for the film. The story is set in Kunnamkulam, Thrissur.

Ittymaani Made in China Movie Review

Ittymaani Made in China Movie Review

Ittimaani Box Office Collection 16 Day

Love Action Drama Day Collection Gross
Cochin MultiPlex 1 7.57 L 7.57 L
Cochin CinePlex16.52 L6.52 L
Carnival Cinemas119.61 L19.61 L
TVM AriesPlex12.54 L2.54 L
Cochin Multiplex24.57 L12.14 L
Cochin CinePlex 2 2.72 L9.24 L
Carnival Cinemas29.0 L28.61 L
Cochin MultiPlex35.13 L15.27 L
Cochin CinePlex 33.88 L13.12 L
TVM AriesPlex 31.39 L1.39 L
Carnival Cinemas 310.58 L39.19 L
Carnival Cinemas 411.88 L51.7 L
TVM AriesPlex 41.55 L2.94 L
TVMAriesPlex51.57 L8.26 L
Cochin MultiPlex 55.11 L 27.97 L
Cochin CinePlex54.24 L22.10 L
Carnival Cinemas512.25 L 62.83 L
Cochin CinePlex 64.37 L26.48 L
TVM AriesPlex 6 1.50 L9.77 L
Cochin MultiPlex6 5.16 L33.14 L
Carnival Cinemas 613.15 L75.99 L
Cochin CinePlex74.15 L30.64 L
Cochin MultiPlex74.73 L37.87 L
Carnival Cinemas712.76 L88.75 L
TVM AriesPlex7 1.32 L11.10 L
Carnival Cinemas 815.05 L 1.03 CR
TVM AriesPlex 81.72 L12.83 L
Cochin CinePlex 85.15 L 35.79 L
Cochin MultiPlex 85.63 L43.50 L
Cochin CinePlexes104.67 L45.49 L
Carnival Cinemas 1016.89 L1.38 CR
Cochin MultiPlexes106.23 L55.81 L
TVM AriesiPlexes 101.70 L16.30 L
Carnival Cinemas 1114.75 L1.53 CR
TVM AriesiPlexes 111.46 L17.76 L
Cochin MultiPlexes115.81 L61.63 L
Carnival Cinemas 127.39 L1.61 CR
TVM AriesiPlexes 120.68 L18.45 L
Cochin CinePlexes121.85 L51.65 L
Cochin MultiPlexes 122.75 L64.38 L
TVM AriesiPlexes 13 0.66 L19.11 L
Carnival Cinemas135.59 L1.66 CR
Cochin CinePlexes 131.50 L53.16 L
Cochin MultiPlexes132.62 L67.00 L
Cochin MultiPlexes174.41 L77.98 L
Carnival Cinemas 177.61 L1.86 CR
Cochin CinePlexes 172.39 L58.88 L
TVM AriesiPlexes 171.04 L21.64 L
Ittymaani Made in China collection

Ittymaani Made in China collection

Ittimaani Official Trailer


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