Kajal Aggarwal is getting married ….!!

Kajal Aggarwal is getting married with business man


South Indian star Kajal Agarwal has made one of the most important decisions in her life. The wedding was repeatedly asked by family, friends and fans. It is rumored that Kajal Agarwal will marry later this year. It is not a love but a marriage that is fully established by the household. Often the actress’s wedding news has been circulated on social media. Kajal has not yet responded to the news. According to reports, Kajal’s marriage to a businessman in Mumbai has been confirmed.

Kajal Aggarwal (15)
Kajal Aggarwal (15)

If the news is true, they will get married later this year. After the wedding, it is learned that Kajal will go into business. After the wedding, it is learned that Kajal will go into business. Film acting will be down but he will still be a producer. At the same time, films that have been sidelined due to Corona will act as soon as the situation is favorable. Sources close to the actress said that the marriage will be completed even after marriage.

kajal aggarwal in bridal look

Kajal Aggarwal is the latest release of the Tamil film Komali. Kajal has been busy in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages ​​like Mozagallu, Acharya, Mumbai Saga, Hey Cinematic and Indian Two. It’s all great big movies. The Indian-to-be with Kamal Halan was a big hopes for the actress and her fans. But in the current situation, it is not possible to start filming any longer.