Kajal Aggarwal Want To Get Married In 2018 But She Could Not For This year. Here is the Reason…

LAST MODIFIED: December 6 2018, 15:47 IST

The luckiest actress Kajal Aggarwal is beyond any doubt, one of the most sought-after and talented stars in the Telugu film industry today. A good performer, she has won the love of fans thanks to her good looks, charming personality, humble nature and awesome screen presence. During her career, the Temper beauty has starred in several big films and this has helped her prove that she is an ‘A-lister’ in the truest sense. Now, she is in the limelight for a lovely reason.During an interaction with the media, the Punjabi hottie spoke about her personal life and touched upon her impending marriage. The actress said that 2018 was a busy year for her and added that she did not get any time to think about her personal life. She went on to add that she wanted to get married this year but could not do so because of the packed schedule. It will be interesting to see whether she finally ties the knot in 2019 or not.


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