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Karthik Narain’s response to Tamil’s tweet about actor’s salary

Director Karthik Narain has reacted to Trivedi’s release on the salary of the actors.

The film ‘Mersal’ is released in the Vijay film with Adli. The party leaders are strongly objectionable for the GST articles on the film. This is a major controversy.

In this controversy, Tamilnadu has posted several tweets on his Twitter page. In this, “Mercer speaks to the doctors who work with diligence, and the ambulance shows the drivers as corrupt.” Doctors have to pay 5 rupees while the actors will get a salary in the account? ” Posted that.

Kurtik Narain, director of ‘Poles 16’, refers to this tweet and says, “It’s a pain for those who have done wrong, why do some politicians earn more money than actors. He said.