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Kavya Madhavan turns ’33’ years of age today: Controversies that rocked her life

Malayalam performing artist Kavya Madhavan is not an outsider to discussion. Her expert and individual life has dependably been in the news generally for wrong reasons and to some degree eclipsed the accomplishment of her movie vocation. Here are the best discussions of Kavya’s life that ruled the babble sections.

Prominent Malayalam on-screen character Kavya Madhavan turned a year more established on Tuesday even as she has a sword hanging over her head regarding a progressing examination concerning the capturing and rape of an on-screen character. She has not yet been named charged for the situation like her star spouse Dileep. She likewise has not been given a perfect chit by the police. As she sits going back and forth with no lucidity, she even drew nearer the Kerala High Court looking for expectant safeguard affirming an intrigue to “ensnare” her in the incredible case.The 33-years-old actor is not a stranger to controversy. Her professional and personal life has always been in the news mostly for wrong reasons and to some extent overshadowed the success of her film career. Here are the top controversies of Kavya’s life that dominated the gossip columns.

Pulsar Suni’s ‘Madam’

The greatest contention that flipped around the life of Kavya is the affirmed inclusion of her significant other Dileep in plotting an assault against a lady on-screen character with whom he shared a sharp history. After Dileep’s capture, Pulsar Suni kept the media and police speculating around a unidentified individual, whom he alluded as “madam.” Recently, he asserted Kavya was the ‘madam’, who use to give him cash. Be that as it may, he had likewise asserted that she was unconscious of the scheme as her part was just restricted to overseeing fund.

The other woman

The romantic tale between Dileep, Manju Warrier and Kavya was the most examined undertaking in Kerala. It won’t not be right to state the Malayalam media and industry had been pre-possessed with this adoration triangle story for a considerable length of time. Kavya was considered in charge of causing a crack in Dileep and Manju’s marriage, which prompted their separation. She was blamed for being the “other lady” even as Dileep and Kavya more than once prevented from claiming an undertaking between them.

The most-anticipated wedding

Dileep and Kavya bushwhacked the media and fans that were fixated on their undertaking for quite a long time when they chose to enter wedlock a year ago in an unexpected wedding service went to by close relatives and companions. Dileep portraying Kavya as a “substitute” for his fizzled marriage with Manju, asserted that constant tattling as one of his motivations to wed his long-term co-star.

Kavya’s first marriage

Kavya got hitched to NRI agent Nischal Chandra in 2009 when she was in the prime of her acting profession. Be that as it may, she came back to Kerala a couple of months after the fact just to authoritatively go separate ways with her previous spouse in 2011. Kavya’s brief marriage gave more theory feed to the media and fans.

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