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Kayamkulam Kochunni Ready for a wide Release in China…

Kayamkulam Kochunni’ recently entered the prestigious Rs 100 crore club, thus becoming only the second Malayalam movie after ‘Pulimurugan’ to achieve the feat. From its box office collections and various other rights, the movie has done an overall business of around Rs 102 crores. While it is still running in a few centres across Kerala, the makers are also planning for a wide release in China.

China is a new found market for Indian films. The success of films like ‘Dangal’, ‘Secret Superstar’ and the ‘Baahubali’ series has inspired many other Indian filmmakers to release their movies in China. ‘Kayamkulam Kochunni’ is perhaps the first Malayalam movie to eye for such a big release there. It has to do with the fact that the movie has an epic nature and is a spectacle heavy one. The makers believe that the traditional martial art form of Kalaripayattu and the Indian Robinhood’s story will find takers in China.

Kayamkulam Kochunni Cast and Crew Details

Kayamulam Kochunni Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Kayamulam Kochunni Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Kayamulam Kochunni Rosshan Andrrews
Release date of Kayamulam Kochunni 11-10-2018
Hero of Kayamulam Kochunni Nivin Pauly
Heroine of Kayamulam Kochunni Priya Anand
ProducerGokulam Gopalan
MusicGopi Sundar
CinematographyBinod Pradhan
Nirav Shah
Sudheer Palsane
Running time144 m
ScriptBobby & Sanjay
Production CompanySree Gokulam Movies
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Kayamkulam Kochunni Box Office Collection in India

Kayamkulam Kochunni Box OfficeDaysCollectionGross
Ariesplex 16.31 L6.31 L
Cochin MultiPlexes119.12 L19.12 L
Trivandrum1 23.65 L 23.65 L
Kochi120.97 L20.97 L
Kollam16.27 L6.27 L
Carnival Cinemas145.69 L45.69 L
Ariesplex23.58 L9.90 Lakhs
EKM Multiplexes211.29 L30.42 L
EKM Plexes312.6243.03 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex34.86 L 14.76 L
Trivandrum Single Screen320.87 L60.29 L
Kochi Single Screen318.10 L53.63 L
Kollam Single Screen37.11 L20.24 L
Carnival Cinemas334.57 L1.07 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex44.87 L19.64 L
Cochin Multiplex413.45 L56.48 L
Carnival Cinemas Collection436.33 L1.5 cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex52.63 L22.27 L
Cochin Multiplex59.11 Lakh65.60 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex62.63 L24.91 L
Trivandrum Single Screen610.41 L1.02 Cr
Cochin Single Screen69.62 L1.03 Cr
Cochin Multiplex6 8.48 L74.09 L
Carnval Cinemas 6 15.42 L 1.77cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex 73.89 L 28.80 L
Cochin Multiplex7 9.48 L83.57 L
Cochin Single Screen 7 16.03 L
1.20 Cr
Trivandrum Single Screen716.13 L1.18 Cr
Kollam Single Screen76.16 L42.36 L
Carnival Cinemas74.55 L2.02 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex 82.43 L31.23 L
Cochin Multiplex99.80 L97.82 L
Trivandrum Ariesplex9 4.76 L36 L
Carnival cinemas923.97 L2.36cr
Kollam Single Screen9 4.31 L48.20 L
Trivandrum Single Screen914.16 L1.42 Cr
Cochin Single Screen 912.91 L 1.43 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex 104.22 L40.22 L
Cochin Multiplex109.41 L 1.07 Cr
Kollam Single Screen 103.90 L52.10 L
Trivandrum Single Screen10 11.43 L 1.54 Cr
Cochin Single Screen 1011.43 L 1.54 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex 114.09 L 44.32 L
Cochin Multiplex119.50 L1.16 Cr
Kollam Single Screen113.90 L56.23 L
Trivandrum Single Screen1112.99 L1.67 Cr
Cochin Single Screen1112.46 L1.67 Cr
Carnival cinemas1122.16 L2.80 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex 12 1 L45.33 L
Kollam Single Screen121.50 L 57.74 L
Trivandrum Single Screen12 5.12 L1.72 Cr
Cochin Single Screen125.58 L1.72 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex13 0.92 L46.25 L
Cochin Multiplex133.89 L1.24 Cr
Kollam Single Screen131.22 L58.96 L
Trivandrum Single Screen134.47 L1.76 Cr
Cochin Single Screen134.80 L1.77 Cr
Cochin Multi Collection 14 3.5L 1.28 CR
Kollam Single Screen1582 L60.93 L
Trivandrum Single Screen153.64 L1.84 Cr
Cochin Single Screen153.35 L1.84 Cr
Cochin Multiplex152.86 L1.31 Cr
Kollam Single Screen16.70 L 61.64 L
Trivandrum Single Screen164.86 L1.89 Cr
Cochin Single Screen16 3.87 L1.88 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex172.95 L52.28 L
Kollam Single Screen171.43 L63.07 L
Trivandrum Single Screen 177.12 L1.96 Cr
Cochin Single Screen 17 5.71 L 1.94 Cr
Cochin Multiplex175.83 L 1.41 Cr
Kollam Single Screen182.23 L65.31 L
Trivandrum Single Screen189.31 L2.05 Cr
Cochin Single Screen18 7.79 L2.02 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex183.15 L55.43 L
Cochin Multiplex 18 5.58 L1.46 Cr
Kollam Single Screen190.51 L 65.83 L
Trivandrum Single Screen193.48 L2.09 Cr
Cochin Single Screen 19 2.75 L2.05 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex19 0.65 L 56.08 L
Cochin Multiplex192.08 L1.48 Cr
Cochin Multiplex201.88 L1.50 Cr
Cochin Multiplex211.77 L1.54 Cr
Cochin Multiplexes 255.25 L1.67cr
Cochin Multiplex273.24 L1.73 Cr
Trivandrum Ariesplex270.13 L61.77 L
Cochin Multiplex312.34 L1.79 Cr
Cochin Multiplex 322.09 L 1.81 Cr
Cochin Multiplex330.60 L1.82 Cr
Cochin Multiplex380.72 L1.85 Cr
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