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Keni movie review: A good plot let down by its execution !!!

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The essential preface of Keni is to a great degree fascinating. In a dry spell struck district on the Tamil Nadu-Kerala outskirt, there is one well that inexplicably has water. In a re-review directed by the administration, the state fringe moves a bit making the well fall under Kerala, yet the house it has a place with goes under Tamil Nadu’s purview. A tussle for water results, because of the trigger from proprietor Indira (Jayaprada). A request is exacted that permits just Indira to utilize the water from the well inside the locale that falls under the neighboring state. (by and by, it declines to bode well). As the towns keep on suffering, Indira starts her battle to make the water open to everybody. Further, the story spreads out through three columnists who each take after an alternate prompt a similar story. The plot and the account gadget has such a great amount of degree to deliver a hard-hitting country dramatization. In any case, Keni is nothing near it. Truth be told, Keni is a case of good natured, great premises that don’t really mean great silver screen.

Kinar Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Kinar Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Kinar M. A. Nishad
Release date of Kinar 23 February 2018
Hero of Kinar
Heroine of Kinar Jayaprada
ProducerSajeev P. K.
Anne Sajeev
MusicM. Jayachandran
CinematographyNoushad Sherif
Running time163 minutes
ScriptM. A. Nishad
Anwar Abdulla
Aju K. Narayanan
Production CompanyFragrant Nature Film Creations
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Keni ought to have basically been a film about an area’s water battle. However, what it moves toward becoming is an account of a lady who is touted to be a progressive. It would at present have been fine had the character been appropriately settled as one. What we get is a delicate looking Jayaprada who appears to demand keeping up an unkempt look. We don’t see the upheaval that each character is by all accounts discussing. Of course, Indira strolls all over the means of a couple of workplaces, remains in a line, gets offended by a couple of officers. In any case, is that it? Additionally, is the water from one all around ok to agronomically stimulate a whole town? The film could be effectively named ‘Indira’ for the genius status she is given by her kindred characters.

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There are a few yesteryear stars in Keni who tragically don’t have much to do. Parthepan, Nasser, Rekha, Revathy and Anu Haasan are in parts that they could have rest strolled through. Likewise, Keni appears to have a lost feeling of woman’s rights. I value that each other character on screen is a female. Be that as it may, how are we to purchase any of these ‘engaging lines’ the point at which they come as an intrusion to a lady talking? The written work doesn’t convincingly wrap us into its true to life commence.

To total up, Keni is a story that has its heart in the perfect place. Be that as it may, it isn’t just about what you say yet in addition in regards to how you say it. Not a simply decent story that makes a couple of right inquiries is sufficient for good film.

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