Vijay or Ajith? Who is the easiest player to manage! Gautam Menon’s reply!

Gautam Vasudev Menon is one of the directors of South Indian Cinema. He has presented career break pictures to celebrities. The celebrity had come to the franchise to talk about his experience with him. He is no longer in the thriller film ‘Me’ with Pa and Gota. Dhanush and Megha Akshay are all set to hit the screens on Friday. Fans have been waiting impatiently for the film. The filmmaker had approached the


director to talk about the reasons behind the delay. In a recent interview, he talked about working with the winner. When asked about the reality of the film with Vijay, he said that such a movie could happen. He has spoken to Vijay Yuva several times. But he never got the kind of stories he was happy with. If he comes up with the perfect script, he is sure to cooperate. He also said that Vijay is one of the heroes who can make a buzz in the box office.


Ajith was approached for the first time with the remake film. It was at that time that Yenni knew. When he said this he agreed. That’s how the movie did. This was a film that was accepted by the audience with both hands. It was a great performance and the head was out. The director also said that the experience with the head was pleasant.

Meanwhile, Ajith looks more stylish and charismatic than Vijay and Vijay looks fit and younger than Ajith. Ajith can do some excellent fight scenes without dupe. Vijay is known for his fantastic dance movements. Ajith can romance better than Vijay and Vijay can do humorous scenes much better than Ajith.

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