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Many people do not know the caste, Because caste is not included in the school!

Kani Kusruti about Caste

Kani Kusruti, who won the State Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in Biryani, shares in an interview about the disappearance of skin color opportunities. ‘I have also experienced visual / color discrimination. One of the reasons for not experiencing caste discrimination so directly is that many people do not know what caste is because caste is not included in the school. It was said that even though the relatives in the baby’s home were not beautiful, there was nothing wrong with studying.

B 4 Blaze[B4blaze] behind the viral video of Kani Kusruti!

B 4 Blaze[B4blaze] behind the viral video of Kani Kusruti!

I was a person who did not pay any attention to how I was until the eighth grade. Back then I thought my facial features were like people with my skin tone. And when you see it on a wedding cassette, you realize it’s not. My favorite part was putting on black clothes. But not all younger relatives are black.



It was said to be light yellow, light blue, or pink. I still do not like light blue except to look at the sky. Wouldn’t it be a pity as a child when we can’t put on the cloth of our choice? Kani said.

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